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Threatened Rivers Photo Contest

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TP mercedYour Rivers Need Your Pictures!
Spring is here and while the drought still has California in its grips, we have had just enough rain lately to put some green on the hills and help the wildflowers bloom. However, the drought has had one impact that is hanging on and hanging over the rivers we love – a plethora of proposals to build bad dams and increase water diversions.
History shows that one of the best ways to save a river or threatened place is to show it in all its beauty, to show people enjoying it, and to show its value for the people and wildlife that depend on it. FOR needs breathtaking and memorable photos to help demonstrate to politicians, the press, opinion leaders, and others what these river gems and threatened places mean to and for all of us.
Here are the details! (aka the rules)
 Contest Rules and Categories
You can enter only one photo for each river/threatened place (6) in each of the following four (4) categoriesup to 24 entries in total:
1)      Wildlife (Flora & Fauna) in/along rivers or waterways or other threatened places
2)      Scenic Shots rivers/waterways
3)      On-River Recreational Activities (fishing, swimming, rafting, kayaking, wading…etc)
4)      Historical or Cultural sites/ruins along rivers/waterways or threatened place
In each category, there will be a Fan favorite. FOR’s staff will judge the above categories. However, for each category fans can “like” the photos posted on FOR’s Facebook Page in the Photo Contest Album. The photo with the most “likes” will win the Fan Favorite for that category.
Here is a list of eligible rivers & designated segments that are threatened by potential & proposed new and expanded dams. All photo entries must be of eligible rivers and segments.
  1. Upper Sacramento River above Lake Shasta or the Lower Sacramento from Red Bluff to Colusa [MAP] : Main stem up to 3 miles from reservoir on the Upper Sacramento is threatened by the proposed expansion of Shasta dam and the Lower Sacramento is threatened by diversions to fill the proposed Sites reservoir.
  2. American River: North & Middle Forks & Confluence area [MAP] : Threatened by the proposed Auburn dam.
  3. Merced National Wild & Scenic River  [MAP] : (last river mile before Lake McClure): Threatened by the proposed expansion of New Exchequer Dam.
  4. San Joaquin River Gorge [MAP] : Threatened by the proposed Temperance Flat dam.
  5. Antelope Creek/Antelope Valley  [MAP] : (in Colusa County): Threatened by the proposed North of Delta off-stream storage project or “Sites reservoir” this would draw up 1.9 million acre feet out of the Sacramento River.
  6. The Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta [MAP] : Threatened by the proposed twin tunnels.
Inappropriate photos will be deleted. When going out in nature: know your limits, always respect private property, check whether conditions and forecast in advance, obey and head posted sings and warnings, be aware of and avoid natural hazards like poison oak, rattlesnakes, and slippery or unstable rocks, always take a friend and always let someone else know exactly where you are going and when you will return.
We will start accepting submissions on March 26, 2014 at 12:00 am, and the contest will run for four weeks. The last possible time to submit a photo will be April 23, 2014 at 11:59 pm. PST. 
Every photo entry that Friends of the River (FOR) receives as part of the contest becomes the property of FOR and FOR’s coalition partners. FOR will have non-exclusive, unlimited use of the photos. Use of these photos shall include, but is not limited to, audiovisual programs, exhibits, web sites, publications, news releases, public service announcements, conservation campaigns, internal communication, blog posts, and product artwork. Additionally, you waive the right to inspect or approve any use of the material and any right to royalties or other compensation arising or related to the use of the material by FOR. We will provide photo credit when FOR determines it practicable. You still own the photo to use however you see fit and are entitled to royalties and compensation arising from your personal use of the photo.  FOR employees and Board members are excluded from participating in the contest. There will be four winners in each of the categories: First, Second, Third, and Fan Favorite. Winners will receive a certificate and possibly a prize from an FOR sponsor.
 Photos of People
Photos of people: Do not submit photos that clearly identify people unless you have their permission to do so and can contact them to sign a photo release.  Please keep these photos appropriate to the family-friendly nature of our Facebook page and website. People in the photos must be demonstrating good stewardship of the river and behaving in a manner consistent with the laws, rules and river safety.
 How to Submit a Photo
How to Submit a Photo: You can submit your photo to Friends of the River by emailing it to please submit them in jpg or png formats only and up to a maximum of 10 meg in size is acceptable. You must write 2014 Photo Contest Entry in the subject line and in the body of your email include the text listed below with your responses. Any photo that does not say 2014 Photo Contest Entry and does not complete the text below will not be considered. Any submission indicates that you have read and understand these contest rules, intend to have your photo be part of the contest, and understand that every photo entry that FOR receives as part of the contest becomes FOR property and that FOR has non-exclusive, unlimited use of the photo.
Text to be included in the body of your email:
  1. River/Waterway/Threatened Place:
  2. Category:
  3. Specific Location:
  4. Date of Picture:
  5. Your Full Name:
  6. Mailing address:
  7. Photo release needed/not needed (and attached):
  8. Any additional notes:
 What if you Win!
We will notify you via e-mail. Winners must provide a mailing address to receive prizes and certificates; international entries will not be considered. Participants must be living in the United States. Prizes will be awarded for only first place entries. If additional prizes are available from our sponsors, FOR will award second and third place winners prizes. All winners will receive an award certificate, if a mailing address is provided.
 How You Can Vote for the People's Choice
FOR’s Facebook managers will set up a Photo Contest Album on our Facebook page for the contest and you can “like” as many photos as you want. The photos in the People’s Choice category will be selected based upon quality, appropriateness of the photo, and number of likes. We will notify our fans when the photo album is available for voting.

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