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Water Legislation


Committee Meeting Times

Water Bonds


Surface Storage vs. Water Conservation

Water Legislation in the News

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2014 Legislative Calendar


Committee Meeting Times (Subject to Change)

Senate Committee on Environmental Quality: Every first and third Wednesday at 9:30 A.M. in room 3191 in the Capitol Building

Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Water: Every second and fourth Tuesday at 9:30 A.M. in room 112 in the Capitol Building

Assembly Committee on Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials: Hearings are usually held on a second or fourth Tuesday in room 444 in the Capitol Building 

Assembly Committee on Natural Resources: Hearings are usually held on a second and fourth Monday in room 447 in the Capitol Building

Assembly Committee on Water, Parks and Wildlife: Hearings are usually held on a second or fourth Tuesday in room 437 in the Capitol Building 



Water Bonds



Senate Bill 2 (Cogdill) Safe, Clean, and Reliable Drinking Water Supply Act of 2010 - Passed 

Senate Bill 1370 (Galgiani) Reliable Water Supply Bond Act of 2014 - Oppose


Senate Bill 1250 (Hueso) Safe, Clean, and Reliable Drinking Water Supply Act of 2014 - Oppose

Assembly Bill 1445 (Logue) California Water Infrastructure Act of 2014 - Abandoned

Assembly Bill 2043 (Bigelow) Safe, Clean and Reliable Water Supply Act -Oppose


Assembly Bill 2554 (Rendon) Clean, Safe, and Reliable Drinking Water Act of 2014 - Oppose

Assembly Bill 2686 (Perea) Clean, Safe and Reliable Water Supply Act of 2014 - Oppose

What is a Water Bond?

A bond is essentially an agreement between a state agency and a buyer.  The agency offers the bond at a certain price and promises to pay the buyer back that amount plus interest after a certain amount of time has passed.  In the meanwhile, the agency has the money they made from the sale to pay for programs and projects they are engaged in.  Water bonds are specifically intended to raise money for water projects.  Money raised by selling water bonds might be spent on groundwater clean-up, or river conservation, or dam construction and repair.  Any bond must be passed by the California Legislature and then offered to the voters, who may then pass or reject it.

What is Continuous Appropriation?

A continuous appropriation is an amount of money that is available each year without requiring further Legislative approval.  Continuous appropriation gives the state of California less control over how the money is spent.




Senate Bills 103, 104, Assembly Bills 79, 80 (Gov. Brown, Steinberg, Pérez) Emergency Drought Legislation - Passed


Senate Bill 1199 (Hancock) An Act to Amend Sections 5093.54 and 5093.545 of the Public Resources Code, Relating to Wild and Scenic Rivers - Sponsored 


Assembly Bill 1671 (Frazier) An Act to Add Section 11291 to the Water Code - Support


Legislation We're Watching - FOR neither supports nor opposes these bills


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