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Flood Management

California flood

American River Flood Control Project - FOR has advocated for less environmentally destructive solutions to flood management by actively engaging with state and local entities for over a decade. Before FOR got involved, the answer to flood control was to build more dams, like the proposed Auburn Dam. Today, FOR’s efforts have enabled projects like upgrading Folsom Dam and investment in levee improvements to better provide flood management.

FOR will continue to lobby for federal funding and implementation of improvements to Folsom Dam and downstream levees, which when completed will more than handle any likely flood on the American River and make unnecessary the construction of the much more expensive and destructive Auburn Dam as a flood control solution.  Can Sacramento valley flood?  Read more here.

Work with mother nature
We all know that the natural weather cycle of California includes wet winters. When river waters rise, they can overrun their banks and flood surrounding areas. This has been happening for tens of thousands of years and will continue to happen.

FOR Senior Policy Advocate Ron Stork is one of California's top experts in levees, dam operation, and sustainable flood management, and he is quoted often in the media:

Ron served on the state's independent review panel, comprising flood experts from around the country, to study flood issues in the Central Valley. The panel's report, known as the Galloway report, can be downloaded here.


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