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MONDAY, DECEMBER 9, 2013 at 12:30pm


(CAPITOL MALL & 10TH between L & N Streets)

RSVP to Friends of the River – let us know which day you can make it (or if you can make both) we will be making signs for the rally and need to know how many to make!



Thanks to 40 years of hard work by activists from Friends of the River (and that includes you) - and the resulting 40 years of no new dams in California - we have the Governor of California running scared.  Scared of Friends of the River and our partners holding a public rally at the capitol next Friday, scared of the legal roadblocks our partners and we are placing in his way, scared that his $25 billion vision of twin delta tunnels, his legacy project may be slipping away. The Governor is announcing his River & Delta Destruction Plan (the so-called Bay Delta "Conservation" Plan or BDCP) ahead of schedule to take the wind out of our sails!

No so fast Governor Brown!

Friends can move even faster!

Don't Let Governor Brown's Tunnel Vision be the end of 40 years of river protection work that you and your friends at Friends of the River have devoted so much effort and so many resources too over the last four decades.

The Governor is being advised by someone who knows our power and ability to fight all too well - one of the founders of Friends of the River – Jerry Meral, a Deputy Director of the Natural Resources Agency. Jerry Meral has clearly warned the Governor - Friends of the River activists and their partners may just be able to stop the Governor's Tunnel Vision in its tracks!
For our rally, we need let Governor Jerry Brown and the advocates of his River & Delta Destruction Plan know:
  • This plan WILL lead to damming dozens of rivers we have all fought to protect!
  • This plan WAS rejected by the voters before! (In 1982)
  • This plan WILL destroy the Delta!
  • This rally is just the beginning of a public battle to stop the Governor’s Tunnel Vision!
This rally (and Friday’s) are a call to our legislators too – they must be told by us that Governor cannot be allowed to act on his own – the legislature must speak for the people and the legislature MUST demand hearings on the Delta Plan!

…too much is at stake and this plan does nothing:
  • Nothing to save or restore the Delta!
  • Nothing to prevent earthquakes from disabling California's water infrastructure!
  • And for $25 billion - it won't produce one drop of new water for anyone!
We can't let this happen. So here is the plan of action:

#1 Plan to attend the Monday rally if you can – and Friday too!

#2 Recruit one or two friends to join you! (at one or both rallies!)

Write a letter to your newspaper editor this weekend, submit it online if you can – or drop it in the mail today or first thing Monday…use the points above…or learn more at FOR’s website on our Delta Plan page. Remember keep your letter short and directly to the point – it is more likely to get published.

Stay tuned for updates…we will be reaching out daily for this next week as events unfold. We can't let this happen too much is at stake for all of us and for generations of Californian’s to come.

PLEASE – SHARE THIS ALERT – FORWARD IT TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW…ask them to attend…to post this to their Facebook pages…tweet it…message it…we need an Army of Friends to save our Rivers and the Delta!!!

Please join Friends of the River and our partners for a rally at the State Capitol to fight the proposed Delta Water Tunnels. Bring friends, family, and your neighbors to help show our united opposition to the Governor’s Water Tunnels. This disastrous planwas unveiled by state agencies in the late afternoon of Friday, December 6.  This unprecedented water and land grab, given the misleading title of “The Bay Delta Conservation Plan,” should be called the Bay Delta & Rivers Destruction Plan.
If these two huge, 25 billion dollar, 30 plus mile long tunnels are approved and built, massive quantities of freshwater will be taken out of the Sacramento River before reaching the Delta, only to be delivered to pumping plants in the southland, further subsidizing corporate agriculture and runaway development. The water to fill these twin monstrosities will have to come from somewhere.  The proponents of this tunnel vision will not tell us from where the water will come, but the facts make it all too clear – plans are underway now to:

•             Expand Shasta Dam and drown even more of the Sacramento, Pit, and McCloud Rivers
•             Reoperation of Oroville Dam decreasing cold water needed for fall run salmon
•             Expand New Exchequer dam drowning the national protected Wild & Scenic Merced River
•             Build a new dam on Maxwell Creek drowning the Antelope valley and prime ranchlands and family farms 
•             Build a new dam on the San Joaquin River drowning its last free flowing stretch in the foothills
•             Restart the coalition to build the Auburn dam on the Middle and North Fork American River
However, these dams will not be enough to fill these twin tunnels and more will be needed:
•             A new dam on the Yuba – Marysville dam could be built
•             New dams on the South Fork American including a possible Salmon Falls dam, Trouble Maker dam, and more on the river’s upper reaches
•             Several giant new dams on the Eel River could be taken off the shelf as soon as the protection for this river is rolled back or eliminated all together
•             Dozens of new dams in addition to the above were once a part of the state’s plans – rivers all across the state would be drowned including the Trinity, Klamath, Feather, Russian, Gualala, Mokelumne, Tuolumne, Stanislaus, Kern, Kings, and more…
We can kiss goodbye flows from upstream reservoirs for fish preservation purposes.  We can kiss goodbye flows for anglers, rafters, and recreation. We can kiss goodbye thousands of family farms, ranches, family homes, and recreational cabins along our rivers. We can kiss goodbye 40 plus years of hard fought and successful campaigns to preserve free flowing rivers through both the State and National Wild & Scenic River Acts. Moreover, the taxpayers (you and I) can kiss goodbye hundreds of billions of dollars needed to build the legacy our governor wishes to leave us – his tunnel vision of completing his father’s almost identical Peripheral Canal plan that was voted down by the voters in 1982.
It is not possible to overstate the threat the Tunnels pose to all our California Rivers and the river conservation battles won by you, our partners, and Friends of the River since 1973. If we win this battle and stop the Tunnels, plenty of other battles will remain for us to fight. If we lose the battle over the Tunnels, we may end up losing not only the Delta, but also our cherished Northern California free-flowing rivers.
This day will not be the end in this battle. To quote Winston Churchill, this day will be just “the end of the beginning”….however we must stand our ground now, while we have a chance to halt this project.  We must mobilize an army to turn out Friday, December 13. We must make our voices heard for endangered fish, for threatened wildlife, for our precious rivers, and for those who follow us…the countless generations of Californians to come.


MONDAY, DECEMBER 9, 2013 at 12:30pm

(CAPITOL MALL & 10TH between L & N Streets)

RSVP to Friends of the River – let us know which day you can make it (or if you can make both) we will be making signs for the rally and need to know how many to make!

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