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FOR and coalition partners release comprehensive recommendations to weather the drought

While Californians can’t make it rain, federal, state, and local leaders can take immediate steps to help California weather the current drought without adding more destructive dams or diversions. Wetter or Not – Actions to Ease the Current Drought and Prepare for the Next, is a comprehensive set of recommendations calling for action in a broad range of areas, including:

  • expanding drought-resistant water sources, such as water efficiency, water recycling and stormwater management
  • improving smart water storage
  • investing in healthy ecosystems and natural infrastructure
  • spending public funds wisely

Together, these recommendations can tap into the enormous potential to develop millions of acre-feet of new water for California without building more destructive dams in a state that already has 1,250 of them.

You can read the Executive Summary and download the full report here from Dropbox.

Statements from key leaders in the coalition that developed these recommendations.

“These recommendations can help ensure that the funds provided by the water bond are spent wisely instead of spending billions to pour concrete in a river and hoping for rain.  We have the opportunity to invest in modern and sustainable solutions instead of taking California back to the era of big dam building that we helped end forty years ago.”
Eric Wesselman, Friends of the River

“Water shortages this year have been caused by the drought – not environmental protections. Federal legislation weakening environmental protections won’t make it rain. These practical recommendations show how Congress and federal agencies can help California meet water needs while restoring environmental health.”
Mark Rockwell, Endangered Species Coalition

“One of the lessons learned from Australia’s Millennium Drought is the need to take aggressive action early in a drought to reduce demand. We don’t have the luxury of waiting to act until we know if we’re in an extended drought. Water conservation, along with water recycling and stormwater management, can develop millions of acre-feet of cost-effective new water supplies.”
Kate Poole, Natural Resources Defense Council

“The drought has had real impacts on cities and farms – and devastating impacts on our fisheries and migratory birds. Drought may continue for a fourth year, making these impacts worse. Even if it doesn’t – we must be better prepared for future droughts. We urge state and federal decisionmakers to consider these recommendations carefully.”
Kim Delfino, Defenders of Wildlife

“Californians strongly support doing a better job at using our water resources efficiently instead of sacrificing our environmental heritage. There are dozens of actions we can take now that show we don’t need to choose between a healthy economy and a healthy environment. In fact, the most promising sources of cost-effective drought-resistant supplies can also help us restore our rivers and fisheries.”
Gary Bobker, The Bay Institute


Wetter or Not - Report Summary (pdf - 1.2 meg)
Wetter or Not - Full Report (Dropbox download - pdf - 10meg)

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