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Friends of the River publishes a variety of newsletters, brochures, and conservation reports full of information about ongoing efforts to protect and restore wild rivers in California. Listed below are some of the most recent publications from FOR.



The River Advocate

FOR's monthly electronic newsletter.  Get the latest news on issues and developments that impact the rivers of California and the nation.  The River Advocate also features member photos, river outings, river saving tips.. and more in every issue.  To subscribe click the title above or here.



What's Wrong With Our Rivers?

What's Wrong With This Picture?As Californians we are fortunate to enjoy some of the most magnificent rivers in the world. They thunder down from the Sierra, roll through Yosemite, meander through cities and towns. It's easy to conjure up beautiful images and assume our rivers are fine. But our rivers are in trouble ...
Download the brochure (400KB, PDF)

Preserve Our Rivers Enjoy Them Forever

Preserve Our RiversThis second brochure in our new four-part series begins to lay out solutions to our river problems. In "Preserve" we explain why we need to designate just 6% of California's rivers as Wild & Scenic and why 1,700 miles of river parkways can make our communities better places to live.
Download the brochure (450KB, PDF)

Restore Our Rivers to Health

Restore Our RiversThis third brochure in our new four-part series delineates the damage that a century for ill-considered dam building has caused and sets forth a responsible, balanced solution. In "Restore" we explain the need to bring our essential dams up to modern environmental standards and remove the obsolete dams.
Download the brochure (450KB, PDF)

A Sustainable Future for Our Rivers

Sustain Our RiversThis final brochure in our new four-part series acknowledges that the less water we take out of our rivers, the less stress we put them under. In "Sustain" we present our goals for reducing water use on the farm and in the home, as well as safeguarding water quality at the source and implementing better flood management techiniques.
Download the brochure (500KB, PDF)

Oasis: Central Coast RiversOasis Central Coast Rivers

Rising 6,000 feet from the Pacific Ocean, the Santa Lucia Mountain Range is best known for creating one of the most scenic regions in California the magnificent Big Sur Coast. Although thousands of people visit this incredible coastline every year, relatively few venture into the hidden recesses of the Santa Lucias, where more than 160,000 acres of wilderness await those who brave its steep trails, high peaks, vast chaparral, lush forests, rugged canyons, and wild rivers.
Download the brochure (1.7MB, PDF)
Download the illustrated map only (850KB)




Rivers of Life

Southern California forest rivers provide refuge for animals and people. The door is closing on the chance to protect the last remaining free flowing rivers of Southern California.
Download the brochure (750KB, PDF)

Potential Wild & Scenic Rivers in California

Recent polls show that Californians overwhelmingly support the idea of setting aside more public lands and wild rivers for permanent protection. Hot off the press is our latest publication, show casing nearly 4,000 miles of rivers and streams that are eligible for designation under the federal Wild and Scenic Rivers Act. This report is part of a new statewide effort to preserve both rivers and wilderness for future generations.
Download the brochure (600KB, PDF)

Rivers of Power: A Citizen's Guide to Hyrdropower and River Recreation

A citizen's guide to hydropower and river recreation Get a copy (or copies) of Friends of the River's special full-color report on the opportunities and challenges of restoring rivers by changing the way we produce power from them. This 16-page publication highlights the hydropower licensing process and how citizens can get involved in improving their favorite river. Included is a California map of the 61 hydro projects coming up for relicensing in the coming years and an extensive list of references and contacts..
Download the brochure (3MB, PDF)

Rivers Reborn: Removing Dams and Restoring Rivers

What was a radical thought just a few years ago has now become an accepted tool for river restoration. Friends of the River's 18-page, full color publication looks at the potential opportunities for removing dams in California. Included are photos and brief reviews of the more than two dozen specific dam removal targets in the state. Also included are topics such as "Why Remove Dams," "What's Wrong with Dams," and "Dam Removal Issues to be Resolved."
Download the brochure (800KB, PDF)

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