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 Congressman Devin Nunes plans to dewater the San Joaquin River all over again?

In an  attempt to roll back the long-awaited restoration of the San Joaquin  River, Congressman Nunes wants to dewater the river, exempt irrigators  from federal and state regulations to protect fish and water flows, and  upend water rights going back over 100 years. FOR is fighting for the San Joaquin yet again by opposing the proposed Temperance Flat dam, working with valley and delta farmers, fishermen and water agencies to keep this mighty river alive and flowing to the sea.

 Central Valley legislators are trying to roll back Wild & Scenic protection for the Merced River? 

Can you believe it? Legislators want Congress to reconsider Wild and Scenic protection of the Merced River! Their bill would allow expansion of the Lake McClure reservoir, flooding a beautiful and federally protected section of the Merced River. Obviously, this legislation is a thinly veiled attempt to weaken Wild and Scenic Act protection for all rivers across America. Friend’s of the River’s Senior Policy Advocate, Ron Stork, just testified in Washington DC at the United States Congress, and is organizing both local and national coalitions to oppose this disastrous bill. Read more on our Merced Campaign Page.

FOR & partners win! Army to leave riverside trees in place!!!

The Army Corps of Engineers WAS attempting to clear-cut huge swaths of California’s riverside trees?


In a misguided effort to create a one-size-fits-all federal policy, the Army Corps of Engineers wanted local governments to clear-cut 1,600 miles of levees in California. Friends of the River firmly believes that levee safety can be achieved without a scorched-earth policy that would clear-cut the surviving remnants of the riparian forests in the Central Valley...and now the US Amry Crops of Engineers agrees with FOR and congress! With your help we assembled a high-powered volunteer legal team, filed suit against the Army Corps of Engineers to oppose this ill-conceived policy, lobbied congress, and won!

Congressman Tom McClintock is resurrecting the Auburn Dam?

With no local partners, no water rights, and no money, Rep. McClintock wants to borrow $10 billion dollars to destroy a river for a dam no one is willing to pay for. Once again, Friends of the River is reviving the campaign to fight the Auburn Dam and to ensure public protection and long-term management for the American River and her stunning 36,000 acres of canyons.

 Suction Dredge Gold Miners want a free ride on taxpayer backs and the right to pollute our rivers?

Poorly written state regulations for in-river dredge mining supported by the mining industry would allow miners to pollute waterways across the state with mercury.  Already, 70 California rivers and reservoirs have been declared mercury impaired.  FOR is leading a statewide campaign to stop this destructive mining practice in rivers that supply drinking water to millions of Californians.  We’ve been successful in getting a 5-year moratorium placed on new suction dredge mining permits until the Department of Fish and Game adopts regulations that fully mitigate all the negative impacts of this practice.


These campaigns and others – like Friends of the River’s successful efforts to protect an ever-increasing number of miles of California rivers and streams through Wild and Scenic designation – are what your dollars pay for. We can’t do what we do without you!

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